Bishop Chadwick Catholic Education Trust

Learning & skills - Managing stakeholder engagement and informing key audiences


Bishop Chadwick Catholic Education Trust (BCCET) is a new, fast-growing multiple academy trust that recognised early in 2020 that it needed support to manage its communications requirements internally and externally. The MAT is set to become one of the largest in North East England with more than 30 schools joining within the next two years. BCCET needs to manage and control communications during a period of growth while also promoting individual schools that are not achieving full student capacity. A better understanding of the MAT and its values needs to be communicated.

Our Task

With multiple objectives that need to be achieved, MHW has developed a strategic plan that incorporates a proactive media relations campaign, video, advertising and marketing materials, social media support, and greater direct communications with staff and parents.


Work with BCCET is ongoing. During 2020 there was an unprecedented level of positive regional media secured across print press, news websites,TV and radio. More than a dozen videos were created for primary and secondary schools. Tactical advertising campaigns for individual schools were implemented. An internal communications strategy is underway.

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