EDF Energy Renewables

Energy - Public consultation to educate the public about wind energy


EDF Energy Renewables is one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies, specialising in wind power, solar and battery storage technology. The company develops, builds, operates and maintains more than 36 wind farms – onshore and offshore – around the UK and Ireland. Public engagement is an important activity for the company, particularly during the planning process for new wind farms or extensions to existing sites. Such developments continue to divide opinion and split communities.

Our Task

MHW PR has worked on behalf of EDF Energy Renewables for more than 10 years, liaising with key stakeholders when wind farms are proposed onshore around England and Scotland. Our role is to devise and implement community engagement strategies that maximise support for projects and ensure full transparency and feedback on the proposals.


We have assisted the company with many successful wind farm projects from as far afield at Galashiels and County Durham to Devon. Our efforts and subsequent documentation added to the planning proposal is vital to the overall submission. The early engagement approach that we have adopted resulted in EDF Energy Renewables being highlighted by DECC asan industry best practice case study in a government report on strengthening community engagement with onshore wind farm projects. We continue to work with the company on UK wind farm projects.

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