Quva – software product

Digitally transforming the investment sector


Fintech company Quva launched itself and its new software product in early 2021 with the aim of digitally transforming the way private equity firms, venture capital funds and angel investment networks currently manage the end-to-end investment process. Quva’s software platform streamlines the way alternative investment managers originate, transact and monitor their investment portfolios. The software as a service (SaaS) business has been developed to enhance the investment management process and deliver a highly customisable, scalable and intuitive platform for alternative investment professionals.

Our task

MHW was tasked with launching and raising the profile of Quva to key audiences, which include VCs, angel networks and the wider investment community. We designed and executed an outreach campaign targeting key national specialist media, highlighting the new product and key benefits.


Extensive positive media coverage was secured in regional business media along with articles and interviews in dozens of key national specialist trade titles like Disruption Banking, FinTech Finance, Fintech Insight, Tech Startups, and Private Equity Wire. There have been follow-up interviews and articles with influential media. The campaign is ongoing.

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