Crisis management

We work with clients to help control, manage and contain issues that threaten the reputation of a company, brand or business leader. Sometimes the crisis is damage limitation and preventing the bad from getting worse.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it - Warren Buffet

The best way to handling contentious issues and a crisis is through preparation and planning. Too often we’re called in when the damage is done, and we are in the position of trying to manage a bad situation.

More companies should invest in planning for the worst while they’re enjoying the best of times. Plan for the unexpected. Be prepared for that curveball.

We’ve faced many different crises; from a serious outbreak of legionnaire’s disease in a factory, a fatal accident, mass redundancies and business closures to employees committing crimes.

We keep a cool head and turn to a proven methodology. We ensure the client doesn’t adopt a bunker mentality and maintains open lines of communication with all stakeholders. It’s important to control the agenda and not let others speculate and stoke the flames because of a lack of communication.