Learning and skills

‘Education, education, education’ remains a constant sentiment to inspire young talent and develop the workforce of the future. It’s an environment facing constant pressure and competition with changing demands from politicians, employers and the communities in which schools, colleges and universities operate.

PR is a strategic way for schools and colleges to engage and connect with their communities

MHW works closely with leadership teams – CEOs, headteachers and principals – to form a deep understanding of their organisation and reputational objectives.

In a funding environment in which resources are largely determined by students on roll, it is essential for schools and colleges to market themselves to their local communities to ensure they fill their classes.

Working with academy trusts, schools and a leading FE college we are supporting them with internal and external communications, including community engagement. Schools are getting better at engaging with parents and students via social media. And media relations still play an important part in promoting the successes within schools and colleges.